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Mendham Township Mayor Sarah Neibart.

Hugin staffer named to Mendham post

Neibart replaced Blood, who resigned after Facebook controversy

By David Wildstein, March 12 2018 5:10 am

Sarah Neibart, the deputy campaign manager for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin, is expected to be sworn in tonight as a new Mendham Township Committeewoman.

The 25-year-old political operative, who worked on Chris Christie’s campaign for president and then managed Rep. Scott Garrett’s re-election bid in 2016, will take the seat of former Deputy Mayor Rick Blood.

Blood resigned last month after a controversial Facebook post comparing immigrants to raccoons became a major thing.  Blood apologized, but he couldn’t withstand the fallout and resigned the day it became an issue.

Neibart, who worked on a campaign in Wisconsin before joining Christie for President as Ballot Access Director, is the daughter-in-law of Sol Barer, the founder of Celgene and Hugin’s one-time boss.

Democrat Amalia Duarte unseated Blood in 2017 by 189 votes.  A month later, the Township Committee announced that Blood would remain in office, filling the seat of Christopher Baumann, who resigned. Blood then became deputy mayor.

The remaining four members of the township committee, including Duarte, voted for Neibart, one of three Republicans submitted by the Mendham Township GOP.

She must run in a special election this November to complete the remainder of Blood’s term.  Another Republican, Frank Cioppettini, is also up in 2018.  Democrats could win control in Christie’s hometown if they can win both seats.

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