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Toms River Councilman Dan Rodrick

Toms River councilman switches parties

Dan Rodrick flips from Democrat to Republican

By David Wildstein, July 10 2018 9:21 pm

Toms River councilman Dan Rodrick switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican at a council meeting tonight.

“I’m not surprised. The Republican party in Ocean has lots of money in their campaign coffers and plenty of patronage jobs to hand out.  Dan is out for Dan–the Republican party may be a good fit for him, but it’s certainly the wrong fit for voters who rejected Republican patronage last November,” said Toms River Democratic Municipal Chairman Ben Giovine.  “While Dan plays politics, Councilman Turnback and Huryk will concentrate on good government and continue to move Toms River in the right direction.”

In 2017, Rodrick was one of three Democrats to win a seat on the Toms River Township Council, when the all-GOP council was reduced to a 4-3 majority.  Eyeing a run for mayor next year, Rodrick has moved away from his Democratic base and adopted a more centrist agenda during his first six months as a councilman, according to one local Democrat.  His vote in support of a Republican-sponsored resolution condemning Gov. Phil Murphy’s budget has drawn the ire of his some of his Democratic supporters.

In June, Rodrick lost a race for Toms River Democratic Municipal Chairman.  At a reorganization meeting held at his own home, Rodrick lost to Ben Giovine, a former two-term school board member, by a vote of 25 to 20.

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