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Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Steinhardt says he’ll give Murphy 30 minutes to talk budget

GOP State Chairman says there is a ‘reasonable, credible response’

By David Wildstein, June 27 2018 7:10 pm

If Gov. Phil Murphy is willing to give him a half-hour, Republican State Chairman Doug Steinhardt says he’s ready to offer a suggest some alternatives to tax increases.

Murphy said this morning that he can solve the budget standoff in 30 minutes “if folks have a reasonable, credible response,” and that he would “entertain” a different approach.

“The GOP can offer Phil Murphy a credible solution in a lot less than 30 minute.  It starts with living within our means,” said Steinhardt. “Put taxpayers’ interests ahead of political patrons’ and special interests. Cap state spending at 2%, like the state does at the local level. Agree not to insert a new spending provision without eliminating an existing one in order to tow the budget line and freeze new tax increases.”

The GOP leader says New Jersey can save $2 billion “off the bat” by addressing  New Jersey’s pension crisis.

“We can even take these reforms right from Governor Murphy’s own, 2005 report,” Steinhardt said.  “There are reasonable alternatives to the Governor’s tax and spend mentality, all he has to do is have the courage to reach across the aisle to find them.”

Steinhardt, a former mayor of Lopatcong, is starting to attract consideration as a possible challenger to Murphy in 2021.

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