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State GOP fundraising off Murphy salary

By David Wildstein, January 18 2018 3:01 pm

Phil Murphy is a Wall Street millionaire who spend over $20 million on his own campaign to become Governor,” RSC Executive Director Theresa Winegar wrote in an online appeal for funds. “He’s certainly entitled to be compensated for his work, but both President Trump and former Governor Corzine took only $1 for their public service”

Republican governors Tom Kean and Christine Todd Whitman, who also had personal wealth before taking office, accepted their salaries as well.

After POLITICO New Jersey broke the story that Murphy would take his salary, GOP State Chairman Doug Steinhardt went on the attack – just as the leader of the opposition party is supposed to.

“He’s probably figured out he’s going to need it to pay the taxes associated with his own agenda,” Steinhardt said. “I would hope that he would appreciate there are government services for women, children, seniors that could use it far more than he could.”

Winegar wants Republicans to “chip in” to give the state party the “tools to hold Phil Murphy accountable.

“The worst part, not only is he taking a taxpayer salary, but he has major plans to raise taxes on New Jersey” Winegar wrote.

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