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Roque and Sires continue to fight it out in West New York

Both Democratic leaders hold meetings Friday night

By David Wildstein, March 24 2018 6:43 pm

The Hudson County warette created dueling meetings of Democrats in West New York last night, where the conflict between Mayor Felix Roque and Rep. Albio Sires continues to escalate.

Sources say that Sires drew 150 people at a Democratic meeting with Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, while Roque had less than fifty Democrats attend his event with Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack.  Information on the only number that matters for now — the breakdown of West New York’s 58 Democratic County Committee members in the current battle — was not readily available.   Stack is running for Hudson County Democratic Chairman in June.

Roque is one of four Hudson mayors who want to replace DeGise with a new candidate next year — a fight that could trigger a full-scale war.  Sires, a former West New York mayor and Assembly Speaker, has endorsed DeGise.  The relationship between Roque and Sires has been strained, and Sires, facing a possible primary challenge in June, has suddenly become energized.  He’s been in New Jersey for at least the last two weekends.

Earlier this month, the West New York feud caused Roque-ally Susan Colarcurcio to lose her post as Director of Revenue and Finance.  Colarcurcio was moved to the less influential post as Director of Public Works, switching jobs with Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez, a DeGise supporter who is aligned with Sires.  The West New York Commissioners are presently split 3-2, with Roque on the minority side.


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