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Richard Pezzullo

Pezzullo: Remember Atrocities

By David Wildstein, January 27 2018 3:48 pm

Richard Pezzullo, one of two announced candidates for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination, asked a group of supporters in Manalapan to spent time today in remembrance of victims of the Holocaust.

“Hitler was a man of pure, concentrated evil. His evil and insanity led him to attempt the annihilation of entire peoples,” Pezzullo said. “So many innocent people were killed. Six million Jews, along with millions of other racial, political, and sexual minorities were killed because of who they were.”

Pezzullo urged his backers to never forget those who perished in the Holocaust.

“In their honor, let us strive to build a world with no more fear, no more hatred, and no more killing. We owe it to their memory to be at this labor every day – not only for them but for our children, and for every generation to come.”

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