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Richard Pezzullo

Pezzullo calls for Menendez defeat

By David Wildstein, February 01 2018 2:29 am

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rich Pezzullo said that the Justice Department’s decision to dismiss the indictment against Democrat Bob Menendez will help the GOP pick up the Senate seat.

“This is good,” Pezzullo told supporters on Wednesday evening.

“The people were denied justice in the courtroom,” Pezzullo said, “Now the people of New Jersey get to assert themselves and throw him out of office.”

Pezzullo, a Monmouth County businessman, said that the Justice Department gave Menendez more time to obstruct President Trump’s agenda.

“I’m confident that as New Jersey voters see how much good is happening for the rest of the country, and how much we’re missing because Menendez won’t work with President Trump, they’re going to get more and more outraged,” said Pezzullo, one of two announced candidates in the race.

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