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Richard Pezzullo

Pezzullo will drop out if Hugin runs

By David Wildstein, February 10 2018 11:10 pm

Richard Pezzullo says he will suspend his campaign for the Republican U.S. Senate nomination if retired Celgene CEO Bob Hugin enters the race.

“I will have no part in tearing down our best chance to defeat Bob Menendez,” Pezzullo said.  “This race is not about me or Bob Hugin or even Bob Menendez.  This race is about doing right by the people of New Jersey. If my campaign continued with a man like Bob Hugin in the race, it would be a grave disservice to the state that I hold dear.”

Pezzullo, who had run for office numerous times, promised that he’ll be back, even if he doesn’t continue this campaign.

“I will not be going away. I will still be fighting from Sussex to the Shore to ensure that Bob Menendez is fired,” he said

The conservative small businessman said the Hugin’s ability to self fund the race, his service in the U.S. Marines, and his support for President Trump are reasons for him to support him.

“Until then, this campaign continues, and if Mr. Hugin chooses to remain on the sidelines then we will finish the march toward the nomination in June and victory in November,” said Pezzullo. “The people of New Jersey deserve so much better than Bob Menendez, and it has always been my firm intention to be deeply involved in defeating him whether my name is on the ballot or not.”

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