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Bill Pascrell III

Pascrell III gets gig with gambling marketing firm

By Nikita Biryukov, June 02 2020 9:49 am

Bill Pascrell III is joining a marketing agency for the gambling industry.

“I’m proud to become President of A GAME ABOVE, North America and thrilled to be part of the A GAME ABOVE story – from my first encounter with the team, their betting and gaming customer solutions clearly showed the ability to make customers believe,” he said. “That belief covers multiple customer desires – that they can play safely and sustainably; challenge themselves; practice without risk; pursue a dream, like becoming a champion player; and, fundamentally, believe that they can win something meaningful.”

Pascrell will stay on at Princeton Public Affairs, an influential New Jersey lobbying group where Pascrell has been a partner for years.

“A GAME ABOVE are honoured to welcome Bill Pascrell III to the A GAME ABOVE family, and have his ideas and insight provide impact across our relations with betting and gaming stakeholders, for the benefit of betting and gaming customers across North America, who will be entertained, engaged, captivated and cared-for by our promotions that serve as games above the gambling,” said Steen Madsen, Chief Executive Officer of A GAME ABOVE.

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