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Murphy tells Christie appointees to resign

By David Wildstein, January 09 2018 2:38 pm

Gov.-elect Phil Murphy has begun the process of removing members of Gov. Chris Christie’s administration from their state government jobs.  A letter sent today by transition executive director Jose Lozano asks for the resignations of certain individuals by close of business on Thursday, with resignations to be effective at noon on January 16 — the date of Murphy’s inauguration.  This is fairly standard in changes of administration.

Lozano says that after resignation letters are submitted,  either his office or the Commissioner-designate will notify selected individuals if their resignation is to be accepted.

“Continuity of critical services is a factor that may be considered in the selection of interview candidates,” Lozano wrote.  He suggested that if any individuals have a “unique and compelling personal circumstance which would create a severe family hardship,” that should be communicated to the transition office in writing.  “Based on the merits of the request, we reserve the right to attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory solution consistent with the goals of the transition process.”



















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