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Internal poll has Menendez up 14

By David Wildstein, January 31 2018 4:42 pm

An internal poll conducted by Bob Menendez’s U.S. Senate campaign shows him with a 14-point lead, 47%-33%, over a Republican challenger, according to an internal campaign memorandum.

Menendez has a six-point lead among voters aware of his 2017 corruption trial – a lead that expands to 17-points, 51%-34% after voters are made aware of Menendez’s record, according to the poll.

The internal poll also has Menendez with a 54%-36% approval rating, with President Trump with upside-down approvals of 34%-64%.

Menendez’s approvals are at 51%-38% among independents.  The memo says the Democratic Senator leads among men, women, all age groups, with “substantial margins of support” among minorities and union members.

“Along with the underlying Democratic preference in New Jersey, recent polling, campaign organization, fundraising and unanimous support in the Democratic Party are all strong factors favoring Senator Menendez’s re-election this year to the United States Senate,” said pollster Danny Franklin of Benenson Strategy Group, along with consultants Brad Lawrence and Steve DeMicco, and Menendez’s top political advisor, Michael Soliman.

The four say that Menendez will start the campaign with $4 million cash-on-hand, and has the backing of Gov. Phil Murphy, Sen. Cory Booker and all 21 Democratic County Chairmen.

Based on the Senator’s robust fundraising in previous cycles, the Menendez for Senate campaign will be sufficiently funded start to finish,” the group said. “There is also a plan in place to spearhead robust fundraising for Victory18, the coordinated campaign of the NJDSC, will also provide the resources needed to mobilize voters throughout the state.”

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