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Landante opens digital advocacy agency

By David Wildstein, February 12 2018 1:33 am

A veteran of New Jersey politics has started a new firm specializing in digital advocacy for New Jersey lobbying and issue campaigns.

Ernest Landante, Jr., a veteran of New Jersey politics, will be president of State House Digital and Advocacy.  The firm will make digital technology easily accessible to business interests, associations, nonprofit groups, and others seeking to get their message to lawmakers and the public.

“Data allows us to identify people likely to be receptive to your message and support your issue,” said Landante.  “And digital technology enables us to appeal to them and develop a grassroots network eager to champion your cause.”

Landante says that his new firm’s influencer technology can concentrate a message on a specific place and at a specific time. To reach state lawmakers the agency offers its Digital Lobbyist, which blankets digital ads on three Trenton locations: the State House legislative wing, the State House Annex, and 225 West State Street, the temporary location of the governor’s office.

“The agency’s services are suited for businesses, associations, and nonprofit groups seeking to build support for a legislative initiative or promote action on a regulatory matter,” Landante says. “It can inform lawmakers about an industry’s contributions to New Jersey’s economy and introduce out-of-state entities introduce to state and local government officials.

According to Landante, State House Digital blends data from social media, global positioning satellites, and other sources to develop a client’s audience and ensure ads are accurately delivered.  He said the  agency is also making online video accessible for issue efforts, providing video news releases, YouTube pre-roll ads, and storytelling videos that emotionally connect with viewers.

Landante has worked in state government and issues advocacy for more than thirty years, first with the state legislature and most recently as director of communications for New Jersey’s lieutenant governor and director of communications and public affairs for the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. He was the news operations manager for the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority and worked for PolitickerNJ.com, New Jersey’s first statewide online publication about New Jersey politics and government. Landante earned a Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants for the auto insurance industry’s successful campaign to reform New Jersey’s auto insurance system.

Collaborating with State House Digital is Joe Corbe of 1631 Digital. The more than twenty-year veteran of local and national media, Corbe held senior leadership positions at the Baltimore Sun, Washington Times, and Daily Caller. He is an advisory board member of the Washington, DC-based Grassroots Professional Network.

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