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Ron Pfeiffer, the owner of Reto Fitness in Lacey, New Jersey.

Lacey Retro Fitness collecting food, donations

Owner to contribute additional $25k

By New Jersey Globe Staff, May 04 2020 11:16 pm

New Jersey is full of good people doing their part to help others in need.

Ron Pfeiffer, the owner of Retro Fitness in Lacey, is collecting imperishable food and donations to help the Lacey Foodbank in Forked River, Vetwork of Forked RIver, and the Popcorn Park Zoo.  On top of that, he’s pledged to donate an additional $25,000.

Retro Fitness is offering free daily workouts on their social media sites, donating supplies to local hospital workers, and helping senior citizens with their grocery shopping.

Pfeiffer will erect a Retro Fitness tent outside their facility in order to assure local residents that they can maintain six feet of social distancing.  They are planning to wipe down the tables with sanitary wipes after each car and sanitizing all food donations.  Staff will be wearing gloves and masks.

We will be adhering to the 6 feet social distancing.  We plan to put our Retro Fitness tent and table out front, so donors can ride in and put their donations on the table.  We will wipe the table after each car with our sanitary wipes.  We will also be sanitizing all donated goods, which will be stored in a vacant building next to the gym.  All staff will be wearing gloves and masks throughout the day.

The food drive at Retro Fitness’ 101 S. Main Street location will be open through May 8 from 10 AM to 2 PM.

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