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Former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim

Kim raising money off Ryan involvement

By David Wildstein, January 29 2018 11:04 am

Both parties use trackers as a component of series modern-day political campaigns, but former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim – a policy wonk mounting his first bid for office – might not know that.

“Our opponent Tom MacArthur is already sending operatives to record Andy at our events,” said Kim campaign manager Zack Carroll in a fundraising appeal. “This is a common Republican tactic, but it usually doesn’t start this early.”

Kim is also using a report that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s super PAC has a field office in his district as a fundraising opportunity.

“Despite everything they are throwing at us, we’re committed to running a principled, grassroots campaign — fueled by PEOPLE, not corporate PACs,” Carroll said.

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