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Former Assemblyman C. Richard Kamin

Kamin tells Zwigard to drop out

Says Hudson-like threats inappropriate for Morris

By David Wildstein, April 02 2018 3:29 pm

Former Morris County Republican Chairman Richard Kamin says that Morris County will become the new Hudson County if Rob Zwigard wins his race for Morris County GOP Chairman.

“It certainly appears that if Rob Zwigard has his way and is elected GOP Chair in June, it will be. Morris County Republicans should be outraged by today’s New Jersey Globe article,” Kamin said. Zwigard, who has never held public office, has never held party office and has never been the head of a commission at any level, is now threatening congressional candidates and county candidates to endorse him, or else. Morris County residents should be outraged at this ludicrous quid pro quo behavior and demand that he should remove his name from consideration immediately.

Kamin, who served five terms as county chairman and five terms in the State Assembly, says that “it is shameful that a would be Republican leader in Morris County would act like a Hudson County boss threatening a sitting assemblyman and local candidate for congress.

“Zwigard should be ashamed of himself and immediately remove himself from consideration as Chair of our party” Kamin said.

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2 thoughts on “Kamin tells Zwigard to drop out

  1. Rob Zwigard is an extremely capable leader for the party. He’s up to date on all the issues that are important on both the County and State level. Today’s campains are much more complicated . Knowledge of how to lead in today’s political environment is essential.

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