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Is Celgene exec looking at Senate bid?

By David Wildstein, January 05 2018 12:27 pm

A Twitter account, @HuginForSenate, could mean that Robert Hugin, the Executive Chairman of the biotech giant Celgene, is mulling a challenge to U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.  It could also mean someone claimed the handle.

The first follower on the account was Theresa Winegar, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Republican State Committee.   That does not mean Winegar opened the account, which was set up sometime in the last five days.

Hugin ran for delegate to the Republican National Convention 2016, on a ticket pledged to Donald Trump.  He’s contributed more than a million dollars to mostly Republican candidates, according to FEC records – including Chris Christie’s presidential campaign and PAC. A former marine, Hugin has been at Celgene since 1999.  He lives in Summit.

No tweets yet from @HuginForSenate.

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