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Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Trenton)

Gusciora’s win, by the numbers

12-term legislator elected Trenton mayor by 355 votes

By David Wildstein, June 13 2018 3:18 pm

Reed Gusciora’s 355 vote margin to become the next mayor of Trenton came by running up the score in the West Ward, where he won 63% of the vote and an 878-vote plurality over runoff rival Paul Perez.

This was Perez’s second mayoral race and second runoff.  Gusciora has won Trenton twelve times as a candidate for the State Assembly.

In the West Ward, Gusciora won 2,113 to 1,235.

In the 2014 runoff, Eric Jackson won 69% of the vote in the West Ward, defeating Perez by 1,440 votes, 2,609 to 1,169.

Gusciora and Perez essentially tied in the North Ward, with Gusciora eking out a 39-vote margin, 1,078 to 1,039.  Four years ago, Jackson carried the North Ward by 212 votes, 1,390 to 1,178.

Perez won the South Ward by 449 votes, 978 to 529.  Last time, Perez won it by 679 votes, 1,148 to 469.

In the East Ward, Perez had a plurality of 113 votes, 893 to 980.  Eric Jackson beat Perez there in 2014 by 184 votes, 1,169 to 985.

Turnout was also way down: 1,550 less voters cast their ballots yesterday than the mayoral runoff four years ago.

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