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Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms RIver)

Group seeks undercover interns in MacArthur office

By David Wildstein, January 31 2018 10:56 am

An attempt to infiltrate the office of a Republican congressman to New Jersey with undercover interns is under fire from the target of their efforts, Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms River).

MacArthur released a post from a private Facebook group, Action Together Burlington County, that was recruiting activists to seek an internship in MacArthur’s congressional office.

Kelly Brennan Clark, who created the initial Facebook post, is a former Democratic candidate for the Medford Township Council.

“It is deeply disturbing that this left-wing organization would actively seek to take valuable educational opportunities away from worthy students in order to push their radical political agenda,” said MacArthur. “I recognize that not everyone is going to agree with me on every issue and I respect their right to speak out, but this latest stunt is way over the line.  It is completely unacceptable and unethical to try and infiltrate a government office in this way. “

MacArthur says the move could put sensitive constituent information at risk – including social security numbers, addresses, emails and phone numbers.

“Frankly, given the threats of violence we have received over the last year, it could also create a public safety risk that cannot be tolerated,” MacArthur said.

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