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Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi

Grossi could complicate county chairman election

County Clerk causes confusion over certification of county committee elections

By David Wildstein, June 12 2018 12:31 pm

The vote tonight for Morris County Republican Chairman could have a few hiccups, courtesy of embattled County Clerk Ann Grossi.

Grossi’s last week abandoned her role of advising municipal clerks on the number of write-in votes a county committee member needs to be certified as the winner, instead telling municipalities they should seek their own advice.  Having different towns provide an assortment of rulings for the same office has led to problems with the certification of write-in candidates, multiple sources have told the New Jersey Globe.

In April, Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposella ruled that Grossi didn’t understand state election law when improperly instructed municipal clerks about the number of signatures required on nominating petitions for county committee.

That complicates tonight’s vote for county chairman between Ronald DeFilippis and Robert Zwigard, since some candidates who received enough votes to qualify for election may not have been certified by their municipal clerk.  The original instructions from Grossi, which Caposela called “illegal,” could end up disenfranchising a properly elected county committee member from casting their vote for county chairman.

A survey of 39 municipal clerks obtained by the New Jersey Globe shows at least nine different methods of certifying write-in candidates.

“Grossi’s office has compromised the integrity of Tuesday’s election, potentially allowing for the election of ineligible candidates and the electoral loss of candidates who won their election according to New Jersey statutes,” said Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson.   “Morris County residents deserve better than an elected official earning over $130,000 per year abdicating their chief responsibility.”

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6 thoughts on “Grossi could complicate county chairman election

  1. Seriously, David Wildstein is as obsessed with Ann Grossi as Chris Rogers is with Zwigard and Mastrangelo. Every day there’s some new attack story. Today’s attack story is pure rubbish. There is no confusion over write-in certifications. A single write-in vote for county committee can win someone the seat. There is no minimum. You see that Wildstein has not once shown a statute that in any way sets a mininum, because there is no statute. The only statute regarding primary election write-ins only has to do with offices that will go onto a general election, unlike party offices. I’m sure the election will go on tonight without a hitch and we all can relax a little. Perhaps, just perhaps, Wildstein will take the summer off from attacking Grossi.

    1. Vincent, how can you claim to have read the law when the law clearly is talking about primary candidates who seek to advance to the general election? It clearly does not apply to primary candidates who do not advance beyond the primary. Peter Guarino read the same statute you did and agreed with me. If you read something different Vincent, maybe you can rephrase it so that we can understand your interpretation.

  2. While I agree the Clerk should follow the law and appreciate Mr. Wildstein’s efforts to hold her accountable, it appears the right side won the Morris GOP Chairmanship. Congratulations Ron! It’s now time to turn the page on the past 15 years and move the Morris GOP into the future!

  3. Actually Vincent you are wrong. The Statute you cited says that the County Committee members, such as I who received one write in vote, cannot vote for candidates to be placed in the General Election. The election of the Chairperson was not a general election. Both you and Mr. Wildstein are wrong. Facts are stubborn things. Thank you for making it easy to read the law which shows that you in fact made a mistake in how you interpreted it. The only thing Grossi actually said was that each Clerk was responsible to select the form to certify the name of the persons who won, which they did by affixing the Clerks raised seal to the certificate.

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