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Gov. Murphy’s Week 1 Grade

By David Wildstein, January 19 2018 5:49 pm

Today is Phil Murphy’s 4th day in office, and so far, he’s doing well.  Disclaimer for the first week: this ought never be constituted as an endorsement or criticism of his policies, just a commentary of how things are going politically.  As he and his staff settled in to their new offices, Murphy avoided any first-week controversies, played to his base (that’s helpful when you’re right out of the box), and didn’t offend anyone.  Worst part of the week was not taking questions at the inauguration day executive order signing, but except for a few reporters, that won’t hurt his approval ratings at bit.  He wore shoes for his swearing in, and according to AP’s Michael Catalini, he wore loafers today.  No All Birds sightings this week.  Here’s the thing about being Governor of New Jersey: if you’ve seen one week, then you’ve seen one week.  Congrats on your first A, Phil Murphy.

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