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Governor Murphy’s Week 8 Grade

The time Phil got mad as h-e-double hockey sticks at JCP&L

By David Wildstein, March 11 2018 10:43 pm

Today is Phil Murphy’s 55th day in office and the end of his eighth week.  He made it through his first major storm, and since sometimes governors are rated on their handling of weather situations, it’s fair to praise Murphy for his week.  First, he spent the storm in New Jersey — not at Walt Disney World — so there’s that.  And while he is the first governor in at least eight years to say he was “mad as heck” at a utility company for failing to restore power — others have used more descriptive language — maybe it’s nice to hear things in a different tone.

The Governor has a tough week ahead with this first budget address, so rain or shine, this is the first big week of his governorship.  Stay tuned.

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