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Pringle slams insider endorsement process

By David Wildstein, March 11 2018 8:14 pm

Democratic congressional candidate David Pringle attacked Union County Democrats for an unfair process in endorsing a candidate to challenge Leonard Lance.

“The only thing the Union County Democrats succeeded in doing today is making it harder for the party to come together,” said Pringle.  “In the 7th CD once the primary is over whoever wins. Even today they changed their rules and didn’t disclose it. Democrats should’ve learned by now the more unfair the process the harder it is to unite.”

Pringle said that “legitimate questions have been raised even if they could’ve been done so more diplomatically.”

“Primaries are for vetting candidates, giving regular voters not just party insiders the chance to decide, and prepping for the fall. We all look forward to continuing in that effort,” Pringle said.


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