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Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

DiVincenzo opens new leopard exhibit

Turtle Back Zoo is jewel of Essex County parks system

By David Wildstein, August 27 2018 5:15 pm

Not every New Jersey politician has it figured out the way Joe DiVincenzo does.

“Good government is good politics,” says the four-term Essex County Executive.

DiVincenzo was on hand today to announce the re-opening of the Leopard exhibit at the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, an economic development success story.

Much of the credit goes to DiVincenzo, who has spent the last sixteen years making the zoo is special project.

The zoo is economically self-sufficient, boosting annual revenues of $11 million and annual attendance of more than 900,000.  When he took office in 2003, zoo revenues were about $660,000 and attendance was around 200,000.

The comprehensive modernization and expansion were part of the DiVincenzo’s initiative to provide the highest standard of care and first-class conditions for animals at Turtle Back. The exhibit features snow leopards and amur leopards.

On Wednesday, DiVincenzo is set to open a new flamingo exhibit.

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