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Dems outpace GOP registration in June

New Jersey now has 911,230 more Democrats than Republicans

By David Wildstein, July 09 2018 12:30 am

New Jersey added 30,442 more Democrats and 16,513 more Republicans in June 2018, according to according to voter registration numbers from the state Division of Elections.  New Jersey now has 911,230 more Democrats than Republicans.

In the 11th district, Democrats picked up 2,625 new voters and Republicans added 2,344 in June.  Since the current district lines were drawn in 2012, there is a gain of 36,590 more Democrats and 21,408 more Republicans.  The Republican voter registration edge for the seat currently held by Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen has dropped from 24,176 to 8,994.

In June, district 7 added 3,194 new Democrats and 1,928 new Republicans.  There are 41,206 more Democrats and 20,508 more Republicans in Rep. Leonard Lance’s district; the GOP registration edge has fallen from 29,997 to 9,299.

June voter registration in Rep. Tom MacArthur’s 3rd district favored Democrats: 1,921 to 1,529.  Since 2012, the district has 29,937 new Democrats and 26,441 new Republicans.  Democrats have expanded their registration edge from 8,863 to 12,359.

In the 2nd district, where Republican Rep. Frank LoBiondo is retiring, Democrats added 1,717 more voters, while the GOP picked up 1,157.  Since 2012, Democrats gained 29,937, with 26,441 for the GOP.  The Democratic registration edge went from 8,669 to 16,754.

In district 5, where Democrat Josh Gottheimer ousted a seven-term GOP congressman two years ago, Democrats picked up 2,496 new voters, compared to 2,105 for the Republicans. When the lines were drawn in 2012, Republicans had a 13,085-registration advantage; it’s now flipped to a 2,044 advantage for the Democrats; there are a total of 36,481 new Democrats and 21,352 new Republicans.

The only district where Republicans are gaining is in the 4th, where Rep. Christopher Smith (R-Hamilton) is seeking re-election to a seat he’s held since 1980.  The district has gained 33,154 new Republicans and 27,486 new Democrats since 2012.  Smith’s GOP registration edge of 12,193 has increased in six years to 17,861.

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