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DeGise: “I have a Bayonne Box”

Bashes Fulop for anti-Bayonne comments

By David Wildstein, April 09 2018 12:19 am

When it comes to the quality of houses in Bayonne, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise has no complaints.

“I have a Bayonne Box,” DeGise said in response to Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s tweet last week that disparaged a particular style of architecture – along with a couple of old slurs about dating women from Bayonne – “If it comes from Bayonne, leave it alone,” and “14A, Stay Away.”

Fulop said he was joking, but DeGise didn’t see things that way.

DeGise says he knocked down his old Jersey City house a couple of years ago and built a Bayonne Box for himself on the same lot.  DeGise says he always wanted a finished basement and that now he enjoys the “man cave” he built for himself.

“I don’t think the city has a right to tell people what kind of house they live in, as long as it conforms to zoning,” said DeGise, a former Jersey City Council president.  “It’s your property.  What’s next, Fulop decides what color you can paint your house?”

The veteran Democrat says that Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis “feels personally insulted” by Fulop’s comments.

Fulop wants to dump DeGise from the Democratic organization line when he seeks re-election sixth term next year.

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