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Morris County Republican Chairman Ron DeFilippis

DeFillipis tells candidates Morris GOP has no money

Presence of controversial consultant makes unity more difficult

By David Wildstein, June 21 2018 12:01 am

Newly-elected Morris County Republican Chairman Ron DeFilippis held a meeting Tuesday night at GOP headquarters in Morristown with some of his countywide candidates.  DeFilippis told his slate that the party is essentially out of money – at least until their July 1 fundraiser at Yankee Stadium, or whenever Bob Hugin comes through with a $37,000 check.

One of DeFilippis’ proposals is to create a mediation panel to go into towns where Republican factions are feuding and broker some sort of peace accord.  Morris GOP insiders view the plan as unrealistic, especially for a chairman that won his own race by four votes last week.

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi was not in attendance; her deputy, John Wojtaszek, was there to represent her.  That creates a new problem for Grossi: she has recused herself from election matters because she is on the ballot this year and turned over the election portion of her office to Wojtaszek, who then attends a campaign meeting as a Grossi campaign official and strategist.

This isn’t the first time the embattled county clerk has put the not-recused Wojtaszek into her re-election campaign: checks to Grossi’s campaign for her annual Cinco de Mayo party are being sent to Wojtaszek’s home.

The other controversy from the Tuesday night meeting was the announcement that political consultant King Penna would be running the county’s ground campaign.  Penna has had some issues with Morris County Republicans in the past, and DeFilippis’ announcement that he as bringing Penna on board was not well received.  Neither was DeFilippis’ announcement that the two defeated candidates for freeholder, incumbent John Cesaro and congressional aide Aura Dunn, have been named to chair campaign committees.

DeFilippis promised the candidates that his team would take care of making 200,000 phone calls and knock on 100,000 doors for the general election.

Democrats are fighting for their first countywide win since 1973, and Republicans leaders – though not necessarily DeFilippis – are acknowledging that Morris is now politically competitive.

Gov. Phil Murphy will be headline a Morris Democratic fundraiser in Mountain Lakes tonight.

Editor’s note: DeFilippis and his supporters will likely respond with their “fake news” chant, as is their custom.  This story is well-sourced and, in advance of the DeFilippis chant, we stand by our report.

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3 thoughts on “DeFillipis tells candidates Morris GOP has no money

  1. Honestly,

    Could not have picked a worse person to run ground campaign for Morris GOP candidates. King Penna not only has lost several campaigns in Morris County but he has run them straight into the ground. This just goes to show you the brain trust we’re dealing with now in Morris County.

    1. Since the moment the officers of the MCRC were elected, they have worked to unite the party and to focus their efforts on defeating the Democrats in the fall. Even though the Freeholder candidates didnt support their slate during the chairmans race, they immediately reached out to meet with them to offer support to their campaign. THIS IS WHAT REPUBLICANS DO TO BUILD UNITY!
      Unfortunately, there remains a destructive and isolated movement of a few individuals causing harm to all Republican candidates up and down the ballot this November. I would hope these individuals would put our Party first and stop harming our Party and our Republican candidates by feeding details of a confidential meeting to bloggers then posting the articles as ammunition against their own Party. THIS MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY if we are to be successful in the general election.
      The Defilippis slate ran on a platform of Growth, Positive Engagement and Outreach to assure we win elections. We have a lot of work to do, let’s stand together and work as ONE PARTY with ONE POSITIVE VOICE!

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