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Democratic congressional candidate Will Cunningham

Cunningham: “Real Dems don’t have 100% NRA ratings”

Ex-Booker aide challenges Van Drew on Guns

By David Wildstein, March 01 2018 12:34 am

One Democratic congressional candidate in New Jersey’s 2nd district is positioning himself to the left of front runner Jeff Van Drew and to the right of Tanzie Youngblood and Sean Thom on guns.

“I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I believe in safe, responsible gun ownership for deserving, stable individuals,” says Will Cunningham, a former aide to U.S. Senator Cory Booker.

But Cunningham also says that “real Dems don’t have 100% NRA ratings,” an attack on Van Drew, a right-of-center State Senator who was one of eleven New Jersey legislators – and the only Democrat – to earn a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association in 2017.

“Gun owners and non-gun owners alike in New Jersey want stronger federal safety measures, Cunningham said.  “They know – as I do – that the violence and terror at our schools and in our communities must come to an end.”

Cunningham is supporting enhanced background checks “to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable,” greater access to mental health care, closing the gun show loophole, and banning bump stocks.

“We need to have a serious conversation about whether we should allow military-style assault rifles on our streets and in our communities,” Cunningham said. “We need politicians who will stand up to the gun lobby and put our communities first.”

The first-time candidate promises to “stand up to the gun lobby and do what needs to be done to protect the Second amendment, while at the same time passing laws to keep guns out of the hands of those who wish our communities harm.”

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