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Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-River-Vale)

LD39 Dems want Schepisi to condemn Auth over NRA endorsement

Birkner, Falotico keep their focus on guns

By Nikita Biryukov, October 18 2019 3:33 pm

Democrats in the 39th legislative district called for Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi to condemn her running mate over his acceptance of an endorsement from the National Rifle Association.

“Assemblywoman Schepisi wants to use her public statements and social media posts to convince voters that she favors gun safety measures — most of which she has voted against or abstained on in the past,” Emerseon Council President Gerald Falotico said. “If she really wants to show courage on this issue, then she should denounce her running mate and longtime partner in the Assembly Robert Auth for accepting an endorsement from a radical organization like the NRA and allowing them to spend money on his behalf.”

A spokesman for Schepisi’s campaign did not immediately respond to a 1:14 p.m. email seeking comment.

Yesterday, Falotico and his running mate, Westwood Mayor John Birkner, called on Assemblyman Bob Auth to disavow an endorsement from the NRA. He did not but, through a spokesman, sought to defend his record on gun control, citing a number of affirmative votes on pro-gun control bills.

Schepisi has also voted in favor of some gun control measures.

In the last two years, she has voted to back bills mandating background checks for all gun purchases, barring persons convicted of certain crimes from buying guns and broadening the cases in which authorities could seize firearms.

She did not vote on measures limiting the maximum magazine capacity to 10 rounds or on a bill requiring gun retailers to keep electronic records of ammunition sales.

She voted against bills requiring gun owners to renew their gun licenses and mandating retailers sell smart-guns.

The NRA gave Schepisi a 93% rating in 2017 and 2015.

“Assemblywoman Schepisi cannot have it both ways,” Birkner said. “She claims to reject the extremist agenda of the NRA, and even returned a campaign contribution after she was criticized for taking NRA money two years ago, but now she’s making joint public appearances, sending mail, spending money, and using all other means at her disposal to encourage people to vote for Robert Auth, who has a 2019 NRA endorsement and A-rating.”

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