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Brendan Gill’s Amateur Hour

By David Wildstein, April 27 2018 12:36 am


Winner Losers
The Union City Mayor draws a crowd of more than 3,000 people for an incredible spectacle of grandeur and pageantry that put his massive hometown popularity on display for statewide officials.  He’s unopposed in his bid for re-election.
The Essex County Freeholder looks like amateur hour after he tells a reporter a Phil Murphy-connected non-profit is going to run ads pressuring Democratic legislators to support the governor’s agenda.  He may have backed off, but the damage is done since.
The two-term Republican congressman wins the endorsement of the New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council, showing — to his credit — that Bill Mullen cares more about loyalty than he does about Democrats winning back the U.S. House of Representatives this year. The Washington lobbyist and public relations expert is forced to resign her post as a Port Authority Commissioner after a video of her telling cops “you may shut the fuck up” goes viral.  Reminder to everyone: always speak to police officers as if somebody’s recording you, because they are.
The former Assistant U.S. Secretary of State sees his race for Congress against Leonard Lance in New Jersey’s 7th district upgraded to Toss-Up by the University of Virginia Center for Politics’ Sabato’s Crystal Ball.  Republicans have held this seat since Flo Dwyer ousted Harrison Williams in 1956.  The Morris County GOP finance chairman does the fake news cry to deflect criticism that he spent $25,000 on a party at Trump National and $30,000 on a Fox News celebrity speaker.  The thing is, ELEC reports show the county had $9k cash on hand on 12/31 and $14k on 3/31. 
The Union County Freeholder gets the nod to succeed Jerry Green in the New Jersey State Assembly after locking in endorsements from the Union, Middlesex and Somerset county chairs, and Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp.  The Governor has a bumpy week politically as he celebrated his 100th day in office after his team shot themselves in the foot, twice: a trial balloon for a top aide who wanted to run for Bergen County Democratic Chairman failed, and then his former campaign manager puts him in a tough spot by threatening Democratic legislators.
The West New York Democratic Municipal Chairman gets a pass when a Superior Court Judge doesn’t compel him to testify in a petition fraud controversy. The U.S. Senator is admonished by the Senate Ethics Committee for accepting gifts from close friend Salomon Melgen.  He’s still favored for re-election, but it won’t be easy.


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