Brendan Gill’s Amateur Hour

  Winner Losers BRIAN STACK BRENDAN GILL The Union City Mayor draws a crowd of more than 3,000 people for an incredible spectacle of grandeur and pageantry that put his massive hometown popularity on display for statewide officials.  He's unopposed in his bid for re-election. The Essex County Freeholder looks like amateur hour after he tells a reporter a Phil Murphy-connected non-profit is going to run ads pressuring Democratic legislators to support

Did Sweeney cave on millionaire’s tax?

One question being asked by political insiders tonight: did Senate President Steve Sweeney cave on his opposition to the millionaire’s tax Governor Phil Murphy wants? Sweeney had indicated his opposition to a tax increase for New Jersey’s millionaires, saying it was a last resort after President Trump and the Republican Congress limited state and local property tax deductions.  Before the election, Sweeney was a millionaire’s tax supporter. The Senate President

EDA set to vote on Murphy pick

The big news of the day might come out of a meeting of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, where Gov. Phil Murphy’s controversial pick of a Connecticut official with a history of opposing building trades unions is on the agenda. Labor leader Bill Mullen says that Murphy’s choice, Tim Sullivan, had opposed prevailing wage expansion while serving as Gov. Dan Malloy’s deputy commissioner of Economic and Community Development.  Mullen

Murphy doesn’t have votes to approve EDA pick

Gov. Phil Murphy doesn’t necessarily have the votes on the Economic Development Authority (EDA) to approve his choice of a Connecticut official as the new executive director. In a letter, first reported by InsiderNJ’s Max Pizzaro, labor leader Bill Mullen says that Tim Sullivan, Murphy’s pick to run the EDA, established a record of being “anti-building trades” and opposing prevailing wage expansion while serving as Gov. Dan Malloy’s deputy commissioner