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NJTV News anchor Briana Vannozzi.

Briana Vannozzi named permanent anchor of NJTV’s nightly newscast

By Nikita Biryukov, September 09 2020 11:42 am

NJTV News reporter Briana Vannozzi will take over as anchor of the network’s flagship news program, the public media company announced Wednesday.

Vannozzi replaces longtime anchor Mary Alice Williams, who stepped down from her position as anchor of New Jersey’s Public Television’s nightly news broadcast in late April.

“Briana is an incredible talent,” said Neal Shapiro, president and CEO of the WNET Group, which operates NJTV. “A gifted journalist who combines both truth and heart in her storytelling, she is an ideal choice to become the next face of NJTV’s news division.”

Vannozzi has worked at NJTV since 2012. She became a senior correspondent there in January and has served as interim anchor of the network’s nightly newscast since March.

“Briana has been an asset to the NJTV News team since day one and has done an extraordinary job taking the torch since COVID-19 shut us out of our studios six months ago,” NJTV News Senior Managing Editor Jamie Kraft said. “Whether in the field, at the news desk or in her living room, ,she reports with a captivating professionalism and poise.”

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