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Former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim

CD3 candidates quarrel over NJTV appearance

By Nikita Biryukov, May 22 2018 7:24 pm

Rep. Tom MacArthur’s campaign said on Thursday that Democratic challenger Andy Kim backed out of a joint appearance next week on NJTV.

“Andy Kim is the epitome of a DCCC-created candidate, manufactured behind closed doors and shipped up from Washington, D.C. to run for Congress,” said MacArthur.  “By ducking this joint appearance, Andy Kim proves what I have been saying all along – he is not capable of standing on his own two feet and debating the important issues facing South Jersey and our country.”

The Kim campaign didn’t seem perturbed by the MacArthur camp’s accusations.

“Another week, another absurd and false accusation from Tom MacArthur, who has clearly seen the latest polling,” said Kim campaign manager Zack Carroll. “Andy is looking forward to his first interview with Michael Aron and is equally excited to take the debate stage against Tom MacArthur to highlight his record of raising premiums and slashing health care coverage from 23 million Americans over the next five months.”

According to the MacArthur campaign, Kim declined a joint appearance less than a week after he said he would welcome a debate with MacArthur “anytime, anywhere.” But, the Kim camp contests that assertion, saying that the plan all along was for Kim’s appearance to be solo.

While she didn’t weigh in on the original scheduling, but she made clear that the MacArthur and Kim’s appearances were not intended to be a debate.

“This is not a ‘debate;’ it is an interview,” she said. “Candidates have appeared together and separately during races like this to discuss pertinent issues in that district and the state. Regardless of the logistics, it’s an opportunity for our viewers to gain perspective on the candidates’ positions on those issues.”

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2 thoughts on “CD3 candidates quarrel over NJTV appearance

  1. MacArthur has some gall implying Andy Kim is some outsider, manufactured candidate. MacArthur lived his entire life up in North Jersey (which anyone from South Jersey will tell you is a completely different state) and paid millions buying OUR seat in the 3rd. He is worth upwards of $50 MILLION DOLLARS and claims his primary residence as a condo in Tom’s River. I once heard Tommy Boy ask for an “Italian sub” at Wawa because he couldn’t figure out the touchpad. He is fake as they come. You can have all the money in the world, Tom, but you’ll never be one of us.

  2. Yes, we know in southern Jersey Tom is not one of us. How many of us have 3 houses?
    I have to laugh Tom has not showed up for a town meeting in over 500 days and he is complaining about Andy not coming to one event.
    Tom you have no back bone I waited with 50 other voters in front the radio station in Toms River to at least ask you questions and you went around the corner to avoid us. You would never confront Trump for the benefit of your constituents.
    We deserve better than this from our representative, Andy Kim is going to be my congressman.

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