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Amy Kennedy Endorsed by 48 Latino & Hispanic Leaders & Activists

By NJG Press Releases, June 26 2020 10:19 pm

Brigantine, NJ – Today, a group of 48 Hispanic and Latino leaders and activists from across South Jersey endorsed Amy Kennedy for New Jersey’s second congressional district. Amy has also been endorsed by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the BOLD PAC.

“I’m honored to earn the endorsement of Latino leaders across the district. It’s imperative that we’re working every day to value the diversity of our communities and working to protect Hispanic and Latino communities who have been under constant attack by the Trump administration,” said Amy Kennedy. “Much too often, we see Latinos and communities of color pushed into the background and ignored when it comes to issues that are affecting them. I’m committed to raising up the voices of our Latino and Hispanic communities, to fighting against hatred and attacks on communities of color and ensuring that our policies protect and serve every community in South Jersey.”

“As a community leader and advocate for the Hispanic Community I endorse Amy Kennedy for congress. She understands that our Hispanic community has too often been ignored by our leaders. She is a tireless worker willing to represent us and she will fight for South Jersey and our diverse community.” said Bert Lopez, President of the Hispanic Association of Atlantic County and host of the public affairs tv show Latino Motion. “I’m proud to be supporting Amy as the candidate for New Jersey’s second district. Jeff Van Drew turned his back on all of South Jersey, we need a leader with integrity and compassion who is committed to serving the people. I know Amy will be a champion for Hispanic and Latino communities, for communities of color and for those who are too often overlooked.”

Hispanic and Latino communities are often overlooked, and we as a community suffer when our needs are ignored. Amy is running not just to be a leader for South Jersey, but to represent all communities,” said Wilfredo Rojas, former President of the Philadelphia/New Jersey Chapters of the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights. “We are living in times of uncertainty, we can’t afford leaders who will continue to cast the Hispanic and Latino communities aside. I’m proud to support Amy and I know she is willing to stand up for our community, to address our needs and to make sure our voices are heard.”

Bert Lopez and Wilfredo Rojas are joined by the following leaders and activists of the Latino community in South Jersey that support Amy Kennedy:

Lydia Munoz, Cumberland County

Angela Bardoe, Cumberland County

Cisco Martin, Cumberland County

Cassandra Martin-Pagan, Cumberland County

Myriam Ferrara, Atlantic County

Maria Laboy, Cumberland County

Hector Riveria, Atlantic County

Victor Bermudez, Cumberland County

Martin Perez, President of NJ Latino Leadership Alliance

Olivia Torres, Atlantic County

Ernest Aponte, Atlantic County

Ruben Bermudez, Cumberland County

William Poblete, Atlantic County

Shirley Santos, Cumberland County

Carmen Marrero, Gloucester County

Carmen Barrios, Atlantic County

Marco Barrios, Atlantic County

Arlene Munoz, Cumberland County

Alejandra Londono, Atlantic County

Elba Ortiz, Atlantic County

Florentina Martin, Cumberland County

Henry Guzman, Atlantic County

Mercedes Hernandez-Quinones

Yolanda Fernandez, Cumberland County

Dalis Vera, Atlantic County

Celida Rivera, Atlantic County

Daniel Mendez, Atlantic County

Ivenny Lopez, Atlantic County

Kaytl Figuera, Atlantic County

Rachel Garcia, Cumberland County

Brunilda Celeste Beatty, Cumberland County

Jorge Cabrales, Atlantic County

Jorge Salazur, Atlantic County

Ramon Valentine, Atlantic County

Jose  Llerena, Atlantic County

Maritza Rodriguez-Smith, Atlantic County

Yvonne Rivera, Atlantic County

Hector Rodriguez, Jr., Gloucester County

Carlos Otero-Ramirez, Cape May County

Daniel Gomez, Atlantic County

Jacqueline Gomez, Atlantic County

Ramon Rodriguez, Cumberland County

Samuel Irizarry, Cumberland County

Daphne Bruno-Louis, Cumberland County

Celeste Fernandez, Atlantic County Freeholder Candidate

Jon Diego, Atlantic County

This endorsement is just one in a long list of endorsements for Amy Kennedy, including: Martin Luther King III, End Citizens United, Communication Workers of America, New Jersey Education Association, NJ CD 2 Progressive Democrats, NJ Working Families Alliance, Equality PAC and Taking the Hill PAC.

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