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Former Cherry Hill Councilwoman Shelley Adler

Shelley Adler backs Bloomberg for president

Widow of former congressman was Cherry Hill councilwoman, House candidate

By David Wildstein, February 20 2020 4:54 pm

Shelley Adler, a former Cherry Hill councilwoman and widow of former Rep. John Adler, has endorsed Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Adler is the first endorsement for Bloomberg from Camden County, which looks to be in a holding pattern until party leaders see how Joe Biden does in South Carolina.

“We must nominate a candidate who can beat Donald Trump because our nation’s most dangerous threat resides in the White House,” said Adler.  “The candidate best positioned to defeat Donald Trump is Mike Bloomberg.”

Adler said that Bloomberg shares her views on gun violence, climate change and health care.

“We need Mike’s unique set of experiences to fix our broken  government, hit the ground running, unite our country, and get the job done,” she said.  “We also need to nominate someone who will stand up to Donald Trump.”

The Harvard law graduate says that she and Bloomberg “will not tolerate another four years of President Trump.”

“We are honored to have Shelley Adler on Mike’s team, she is a true friend, a respected voice in South Jersey and well known for standing up for what is right,” said Michael Muller, the Bloomberg campaign state director.  “Shelley has honor, integrity and a moral compass that will energize Mike’s growing South Jersey support.”

John Adler was elected to the New Jersey State Senate in 1991 and served as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman before his election to Congress in 2008.  Former Philadelphia Eagles star Jon Runyan (R-Moorestown) defeated him by a 50%-47% margin in the 2010 mid-term elections.

He passed away three months after leaving Congress at age 51 after developing a staph infection following emergency heart surgery.

Shelley Adler challenged Runyan in 2012 and lost by a 54%-45% margin.

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