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Seth Grossman running for Congress — of the World Zionist Organization

By David Wildstein, February 23 2020 11:43 pm

Seth Grossman, the Republican who lost to them-Democrat Jeff Van Drew in the 2nd district congressional race, is now seeking a seat in the Congress of the World Zionist Organization.

“I want to help American Jews wake up and demand common sense Jewish leaders who support our true friends and push back against those who hate Jews and America,” Grossman said.

Grossman is running on a Zionist Organization of American slate backed by 27 actvivist groups seeking 152 seats set aside for Americans.

There are 15 slates. Some of them are ‘woke,’ dangerous and deceptive. Grossman said.  “They have the same hate for Jews in Israel as they have for any American who opposes their ‘progessive’ agenda.

According to Grossman, if his slate or party gets a large enough percentage of the vote, it will get a large number of the seats. 

If we do poorly, we will get few seats, and I will not be a member of the Congress,” Grossman said. “This will not be easy. The slates of the ‘woke’  left are well organized and funded. They are working hard to hijack the WZO, just as they hijacked so many churches, charities and other worthwhile institutions during the past 25 years.”

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