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Grossman sticking by Kavanaugh

By Nikita Biryukov, September 28 2018 4:05 pm

Seth Grossman’s sticking by President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

“We’re urging the Senate to immediately confirm him,” the candidate said Friday.

In a fundraising email sent the same day, Grossman attacked the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee for creating what he called a “circus” around Kavanaugh’s nomination that he took as proof of their desire to destroy Trump and the country.

“I’m sure you witnessed the Judge Kavanaugh spectacle yesterday. It was disgusting how Democrats treated both Dr. Ford, and Judge Kavanaugh, as well his family’s good name,” Grossman said. “Imagine what will happen if Democrats take over Congress. This band of goons could be heading committees, investigating and potentially, impeaching our President.”

It wasn’t clear what specifically about the Democrats’ treatment of the two Grossman was referring to.

Impeachment worries have been used to drum up enthusiasm among Republican donors and voters to help offset a wave in Democratic turnout that analysts are predicting.

To that end, Grossman’s fundraising pitch says little about the candidate himself other than reiterating his support of the president. It does, however, make more than one call to keep Republican majorities in Congress.

“Van Drew must be stopped. Only one way to make that happen. Republicans must keep the majority,” the email said.

Grossman is aiming to break $200,000 in contributions ahead of the Sept. 30 Federal Election Commission reporting deadline.

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