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Brown backing Grossman

Senator not dropping candidate over controversy

By Nikita Biryukov, July 26 2018 1:12 pm

State Sen. Chris Brown isn’t dumping Seth Grossman.

Brown said on Thursday that he supports the Republican nominee to retiring Rep. Frank LoBiondo’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Grossman lost the support of the national GOP after it was revealed that he had shared an article from a white supremacist website. Before that, it was reported he had previously called diversity un-American and Kwanza a fake holiday.

But, despite the national branch backing off, Grossman has retained much of his local support.

The campaign said on Sunday that Grossman had retained the support of “most” of the district’s county chairs, and Grossman campaign manager Thomas Dees told the Globe on Thursday that none of the district’s county chairs had dropped their support of Grossman.

“All the county chairs are backing us at this moment with varying degrees of enthusiasm,” Dees said in a text message. “The local party is unified. It’s just a Washington issue.”

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