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Michael Glassner, left, with President Donald Trump.

Michael Glassner losing top Trump campaign post, report says

Mendham native will not continue to serve as Trump re-election COO

By Nikita Biryukov, July 01 2020 10:14 am

Mendham native Michael Glassner is losing his top spot on President Donald Trump’s campaign Axios reported Tuesday.

Glassner will not longer serve as chief operating officer for the president’s re-election bid. Instead, he’ll manage the Trump campaign’s various lawsuits.

Jeff DeWit, who held the post in 2016, will again become COO Trump campaign.

Citing unnamed sources, Axios reported that the staff shift came in part because of a lightly attended rally in Tulsa Trump held last month, though other unnamed sources who spoke to the outlet said the move was not a reaction to the subpar showing.

Glassner is married to Mendham Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner.

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