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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

Diaz endorses Bernie Sanders

By David Wildstein, July 13 2019 11:50 pm

Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz has endorsed Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“His ideas are not ‘radical’ and ‘extreme’ anymore. All Democratic Presidential candidates are running on a platform that resembles what Bernie has been fighting for all his life,” Diaz said at a Sanders rally today in Perth Amboy.  “Bernie is the presidential candidate who communities like my own right here in Perth Amboy can rely on to advocate for all of us.”

She’s one of the few New Jersey Democrats to stray off the Cory Booker reservation, although support doesn’t mean Sanders will automatically carry Perth Amboy if he makes it to the New Jersey primary in June 2020.  Diaz allies have lost races for city council and county committee in recent years.

“Throughout his career, Bernie has been an advocate for the people. He has the guts to take on the special interests across race, class, and nationality, and for every American who has been excluded from the economic agenda of the political elites,” Diaz said.  “Bernie Sanders is the strongest leader in our fight for universal healthcare, for quality jobs and workers’ rights, for tackling student debt and ensuring that every person is able to attend college regardless of their income.”

Statement by Mayor Wilda Diaz endorsing Bernie Sanders
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