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U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey campaigns for the Democratic nomination for President. (Photo courtesy of Cory 2020.)

Booker at 5% nationally, Monmouth poll says

Patrick Murray: ‘Moderate voters, who have been paying less attention, seem to be expressing doubts about Biden’

By David Wildstein, August 26 2019 1:00 pm

Cory Booker is at 5% in a national poll — an increase from his 2% in June, according to a Monmouth University poll of registered Democrats and voters who lean-Democratic released today.

Booker is polling at 2% in states holding primaries or caucuses between February 3 and March 4,

Booker is at 5% in the other states.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren are tied at 20% in the early states, followed by Bernie Sanders (16%) and Kamala Harris (12%).  They are followed by Andrew Yang (5%), Pete Buttigieg (4%), and Beto O’Rourke (3%).

Liberal voters are beginning to take a look at a wider range of candidates, while moderates appear focused on those with the greatest name recognition, the poll suggests.

Booker has a 49%-14% favorable rating among Democrats.

“The main takeaway from this poll is that the Democratic race has become volatile.  Liberal voters are starting to cast about for a candidate they can identify with.  Moderate voters, who have been paying less attention, seem to be expressing doubts about Biden. But they are swinging more toward one of the left-leaning contenders with high name recognition rather than toward a lesser known candidate who might be more in line with them politically,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.  He added, “It’s important to keep in mind this is just one snapshot from one poll.  But it does raise warning signs of increased churning in the Democratic nomination contest now that voters are starting to pay closer attention.”

According to the poll, Biden has lost support over the last two months from moderate and conservative Democrats.

“Biden’s drop in support is coming disproportionately from later states that have less impact on the process. But if this trend continues it could spell trouble for him in the early states if it undermines his claim to being the most electable candidate.  This could benefit someone like Harris, who remains competitive in the early states and could use a strong showing there to propel her into the top tier.  Based on the current data, though, Warren looks like the candidate with the greatest momentum right now,” said Murray.

In a June Monmouth poll, Booker was at 3% in early states and 1% in other states – all statistically insignificant changes.

The Monmouth Poll was conducted by telephone from August 16-20, 2019 with 800 adults in the United States. Results in this release are based on 298 registered voters who identify as Democrats or lean toward the Democratic Party, which has a +/- 5.7% margin of error.

Monmouth Poll August 2019
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