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Ben Kestenbaum

Ben Kestenbaum joins New Jersey Globe

Summer intern will focus on data-driven maps, election analysis — and redistricting

By New Jersey Globe Staff, May 10 2019 2:00 pm

The New Jersey Globe is pleased to welcome Ben Kestenbaum as our summer intern.

A rising junior at American University, Ben is a political junkie extraordinaire and a self-described amateur cartographer who has developed a following on social media for his graphic presentation of election results.  He will spend his summer working on data analysis as it relates to past, present and future campaigns in New Jersey. Over the coming months, Globe readers will see a lot of voter history, and data-driven roadmaps for how each party wins competitive state, county and local elections.

Here’s the best part: one of Ben’s assignments is to work with the Globe team to develop potential redistricting scenarios as New Jersey prepares to redraw legislative and congressional maps after the 2020 census.  He will look at up-to-date census estimates and demographics to offer a multitude of potential maps to help New Jerseyans focus on reapportionment issues and how that potentially affects officeholders throughout the state.

Please follow Ben on Twitter: @BenJKest, or e-mail him at staff@njglobe.com

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