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Lambertville Democratic mayoral candidate Andrew Nowick. (Photo: Andrew Nowick)

Where local races stand in Hunterdon County

By Joey Fox, November 05 2021 3:11 pm


Republican Committeeman R. Christian Pfefferle and fellow Republican Jay Arancio defeated Democrat Max Cooper 39-41-19% for two seats on the Alexandria Township Committee, while Republican Robert Mortara won unopposed for a third seat’s unexpired term.


Committeeman Steve Keefe and running mate Paul Lenzi, both Republicans, won without opposition for the Bethlehem Township Committee; Lenzi previously defeated incumbent committeeman and current mayor Walter Baumgarten in the Republican primary.


Committeeman Chris Smith won re-election to the Bloomsbury Borough Council unopposed alongside Megan Henry, who will succeed Committeewoman Louise Gerace; both are Republicans.


Democratic incumbents Mike Medea and Leo Janas won re-election to the Califon Borough Council unopposed.

Clinton Town

Republicans Nicholas Bruno and Kyle Perloff have likely defeated Democrats John Kashwick and Councilwoman Sherry Dineen for two seats on the Clinton Town Council, 28-25-23-22%.

Clinton Township

Incumbent Republican Councilmen Tom Kochanowski and Marc Strauss won re-election to the Clinton Township Council unopposed, as did Republican Councilman Bill Glaser for an unexpired term.


Republican Committeeman James Waltman and fellow Republican Chad Bower prevailed with 29% and 28% in their bids for Delaware Township Committee; Democrats Doug Borden and Peter McCrohan trailed behind with 22% and 21%.

East Amwell

Democrat Jenna Casper-Bloom appears to have defeated Republican incumbent Chris Sobieski 53-47% for a seat on the East Amwell Township Committee. 


Democratic Councilwoman Caitlin Giles-McCormick and fellow Democrat Liz Rosetti, who defeated Councilman Chris Runion in the Democratic primary, appear to have narrowly fended off Republican challengers Alan Brewer and Betty Jane Czap. Each Democrat currently has approximately 26% of the vote, to their opponents’ 24%.


Committeemen Craig Repmann and Michael Homulak, both Republicans, have won re-election to the Franklin Township Committee unopposed.


Democrats William O’Brien and Elaine Warner have won seats on the Frenchtown Borough Council unopposed.

Glen Gardner

Republican Councilmembers Richard Mitterando and Susan Welch won re-election to the Glen Gardner Borough Council without opposition, while Republican Jason Hollenstein defeated Democrat Thomas Davis 57-42% for an unexpired council term.


Republican Councilmen Jeffrey Tampier, Douglas Rega, and Robert Celentano won re-election unopposed to the Hampton Borough Council, Celentano for the remainder of an unexpired term.

High Bridge

Each party has likely held onto a seat on the High Bridge Borough Council, with Democratic Councilwoman Leigh Ann Moore (24.5%) winning re-election and Republican Steven Silvestri (27.1%) retaining a second seat for his party; Democrat Christopher Graham (24.1%) and Republican Edwin Havens (23.9%) both appear to have fallen short.


Republican Holland Committeeman Dan Bush, who also currently serves as mayor, won re-election unopposed.


Republican Andrew Russano won a seat on the Kingwood Township Committee unopposed.


Democrat Andrew Nowick narrowly leads independent Michael Menchie 50.4-49.1% in the race for mayor of Lambertville, a difference of 25 votes. Nowick is no stranger to close victories; after incumbent mayor Julia Fahl chose not to seek re-election, Nowick defeated former mayor David DelVecchio by 63 votes in the Democratic primary.

Lebanon Borough

Councilmen Sam Berger and Richard Burton, both Republicans, defeated Democrats Carona Davis-Diop and Christopher Foley 33-32-17-17% to retain their seats on the Lebanon Borough Council; Republican Councilman Joe Cortese also won the remainder of an unexpired council term unopposed.

Lebanon Township

Republican Committeeman and current mayor Mike Schmidt won re-election to the Lebanon Township Committee unopposed, as did Republican Guy Wilson for an unexpired term.


Republican Councilwoman Elisa Yager won re-election to the Milford Borough Council without opposition.


Republican Committeeman Jeff Kuhl and fellow Republican Scott Sipos defeated Democrats Barbara Simoncelli and Hope Cohen 31-29-20-20% for two spots on the Raritan Township Committee.


Committeeman Jurgen Huelsebusch and newcomer Adam Mueller, both Republicans, defeated Democrats Alan Hardwick and Marvin Fields 34-33-17-16% for the Readington Township Committee.


Democratic Councilman Aaron Lipsen won re-election to the Stockton Borough Council with 41% of the vote, but his party couldn’t flip the other seat up for election this year. Republican Kenneth Kozuhowski got 32% in his bid to retain Republican Councilman Nic Messina’s seat, beating Democrat Carolyn Murphy’s 26%. 


Committeemembers Peter Melick and Dana Desiderio, both Republicans, won new terms on the Tewksbury Township Committee unopposed.


Republicans David DeGiralamo and Richard Lordi won election to the Union Township Committee without opposition; they previously ousted incumbent Committeemen Matt Severino and David Stothoff in the Republican primary.

West Amwell

Republican Committeemen Gary Hoyer and Stephen Bergenfeld, the latter of whom currently serves as mayor, won re-election to the West Amwell Township Committee unopposed.

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