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West Windsor Mayor Hermant Marathe. (Photo: New Jersey League of Municipalities).

Where local races stand in Mercer County

By Joey Fox, November 05 2021 4:02 pm

East Windsor

Two Democratic incumbents, Denise Daniels and Alan Rosenberg, won re-election to the East Windsor Township Council alongside fellow Democrat David Russell; they each received around 28% of the vote to Republican Anna Lustenberg’s 16%.


After lagging behind on election night, Democratic Councilmen Anthony Carabelli, Charles Whalen, and Rick Tighe now lead for three seats on the Hamilton Township Council. Carabelli has 17.9% of the vote, Whalen 17.3%, and Tighe 16.8%; Republicans Joseph DeMarco, Robert Diszler, and James Boozan trail with 16.5%, 16.0%, and 15.6%, respectively.


Democratic Councilmembers Susan Bluth and Fred Montferrat won re-election to the Hightstown Borough Council with 38% each, defeating sole Republican Bryan Fort, who received 24% of the vote. The borough also approved the establishment of cannabis retailers within the town by a 61-39% margin.

Hopewell Borough

Democratic Councilwomen Samara McAuliffe and Debra Stuhler won re-election to the Hopewell Borough Council unopposed.

Hopewell Township

Democrat Uma Purundare has won a competitive contest to succeed unexpectedly retiring Democratic Committeewoman Julie Blake, defeating Republican Ed Jackowski 58-42%.


Councilmen James Kownacki and Christopher Bobbitt, both Democrats, won re-election to the Lawrence Township Council unopposed.


Mayor James Davy, Councilwoman Deborah Gnatt, and council candidate Nadine Stern, all Democrats, won unopposed in Pennington Borough.


Councilwoman Eve Niedergang won re-election to the Princeton Council, and Leighton Newlin won the council seat of Councilman Dwaine Williamson; both Democrats were unopposed.


Robbinsville mayor Dave Fried won re-election unopposed, as did Councilman Mike Todd, both for unexpired terms. Councilmembers Deborah Blakely and Mike Cipriano, meanwhile, defeated challenger Kiran Agrahara 40-39-21%; all contests were nonpartisan.

West Windsor

In a nonpartisan contest, Mayor Hemant Marathe defeated Tirza Wahrman 64-36%, while his council slate of Councilwoman Linda Geevers and Marvin Whitfield won unopposed.

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