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Millville Commissioner Bruce Cooper. (Photo: NJ Globe file photo).

Where local races stand in Cumberland County

By Joey Fox, November 04 2021 4:09 pm


Appointed Councilwoman Marian King won election to the remainder of her term on the Bridgeton City Council; she was unopposed in the nonpartisan election.


Republican Joseph Klaudi defeated Democrat Susan Corson 61-39% for a seat on the Commercial Township Committee.


Republican Deerfield Committeewoman Abby Perlstein O’Brien, who also currently serves as the township’s mayor, won unopposed, as did fellow Republican Anthony Lamanteer for an unexpired committee term.


Downe Township Committeeman and current Mayor Robert Campbell, a Republican, won re-election with 57% of the vote against independent challengers Mark Upham and Sean Pignatelli.


Democrats Stephen Bateman and Michael Peterson both won seats on the Fairfield Township Committee unopposed.


Democratic Committeeman Mark Werley won re-election to the Greenwich Township Committee unopposed.


Republican Committeewoman Robin Freitag and fellow Republican Thomas Tedisco won with 43% and 41% of the vote, respectively, for two seats on the Hopewell Township Committee; Democrat Dennis Gaggini was far behind with 16%.


Democratic Lawrence Township Committeeman Joseph Miletta won re-election unopposed.

Maurice River

Maurice River Township Committeeman William Ashton, a Republican, won re-election with no opposition.


A nonpartisan, ten-candidate race for Millville City Commission has produced five likely winners: Lisa Orndorf, Benjamin Romanik, Joseph Sooy, current Cumberland County Commissioner James Quinn, and Kirk Hewitt. The quintet appears to have unseated incumbent commissioners Joseph Pepitone and Bruce Cooper, and defeated Robert McQuade, Eva Perez, and Kuan Bowleg, though their victory margins are narrow.

Though Quinn appears to have won a seat for himself, four of the losers – Pepitone, Cooper, Perez, and Bowleg – were members of Quinn’s slate.


Councilmen Dallus Bruso and Matthew Hunzer, both Republicans, have won re-election to the Shiloh Borough Council unopposed.

Stow Creek

Republican David Shivers has won election to the Stow Creek Township Committee unopposed.

Upper Deerfield

Republican Committeeman Scott Smith and fellow Republican Thomas Speranza won two seats on the Upper Deerfield Township Committee with 42% and 40% of the vote, respectively; lone Democrat Brian Rossello got 18%.

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