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Webber launches first TV ad

By David Wildstein, May 08 2018 11:51 am

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains) has released his first TV ad in his bid for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s seat in Congress.

“Morning” highlights his conservative views and refers to Ronald Reagan’s classic “Morning in America” ad that ran during the 1984 presidential campaign.

The ad is entirely in Webber’s voice: “When I was growing up, it was morning again in America. I’m Jay Webber. I’m a conservative, a patriot, a husband, and a father of seven. I saw how President Reagan’s conservative principles made our country strong. He inspired me to serve. I’m running for Congress to fight for those principles. Smaller government, border security, liberty. And I won’t back down until it’s morning again. I’m Jay Webber and I approve this message.”

Webber is one of five candidates seeking the Republican nomination in New Jersey’s 11th district.


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11 thoughts on “Webber launches first TV ad

  1. Hilarious. I’m pretty sure Reagan would be appalled to have ol’ One Way Jay associated with his name. Reagan made the Republican Part stronger. Jay Webber won’t be happy until he’s finished destroying it.

    Jay’s a member of ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), a group that doesn’t believe in state’s rights or fair taxation. He’ll RAISE taxes in New Jersey so that poor red states have to pay less and we have to pay more. And make no mistake, he’ll answer to them, not to us.

    1. Webber has more in common with Vladimir Putin than Ronald Reagan. ‪His faith-based policies will harm women and are way out of touch with NJ-11. With seven children still at home Jay Webber has no business heading off to DC. We need to promote polices based on facts, not religious dogma.

  2. Reagan would have hated ALEC. Hated it. A real Republican would know this. And I know One Way Jay. He’s the kind of Republican that Republicans loathe.

  3. Jay Webber has voted against tax increases every time they’ve been voted on in Trenton. He led the fight against the $1.2 billion gas tax hike and has sponsored legislation to cut income taxes across-the-board. On top of that, Jay passed pension & benefits reform that will save taxpayers $120 billion over three decades. He has been awarded the “taxpayer hero” award from the taxpayer group Americans For Prosperity on numerous occasions.

    Jay Webber has made the Republican Party stronger by inspiring young people and grassroots conservatives to be involved in the political process.

    1. BS. He is a Phoney Hypocrite. He has proven to be an individual whom has a primary purpose of dividing our community, used negative untruthful ads and utilized contacts in the press to lie and deceit voters, refuses to answer constintuent inquiries regarding his stances and polices on his Facebook/twitter page and actively blocks users and hides comments, chose to plan an orchastrated attack on children whom asked to meet with him regarding his stance on gun reform using his cherry picked team of students to counter protest them and then lied about the meeting to press. No he is not someone who has all if best interest in mind. Come on really? Censoring your social media so it just shows a bunch if kiss ass we love you Jay…God Bless comments. Coward. Oh please, he is just another fake politician that will enrich himself and his contacts.

  4. “Taxpayer hero award” from Americans for Prosperity is short for “guy who sells out to the Koch brothers”. It’s also short for “guy who won’t work with his own party.” I know it. You know it, and Jay (or should I say “J”) knows it.

  5. Jay Webber claims to be pro-life, pro family, that he will protect us- Jay Webber is a HYPOCRITE- anyone that takes blood money from the NRA, has an A rating from the NRA, rails against DACA recipients that are contributing citizens of NJ in many ways including paying taxes, and his votes in the assembly are the true indicator of his anti-life stance: he votes NAY on bills for common sense gun reform, environmental bills, bills that would give woman equal pay, fully funding planned parenthood which saves woman’s lives with cancer screening, STD screenings and lowers the unwanted pregnancy rates— CD11 does not need a Congressman that is proBIRTH not Pro Life after birth-

  6. Under the guise of conservatism, Jay Webber would like to send NJ back to the 1950s. He voted against equal pay for women, opposes a women’s right to control her own reproductive choices, and would rather loosen gun restrictions than tighten them. He is following in the footsteps of Freylinghuysen- blocking potential constituents from asking him questions he doesn’t want to answer and preventing free discourse among his electorate. He’s Trump 2.0 and that serves no one except Webber himself.

  7. Stop deleting comments here. It’s so obvious which side you’re on in this race. This website is a disgrace, and so is Jay Webber.

  8. Rodney’s downfall came when he ceased to be a moderate and aligned himself with the ideological extreme of his party and then and hid from his constituents. On both fronts, Webber is *way* ahead of the man he is running to replace – he’s always been an extreme right wing pro-gun anti-women politician and he polices his social media, blocking and deleting like crazy because he can’t handle dissent. He is much too extreme for the NJ 11th.

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