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Voorhees Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz (FACEBOOK PHOTO)

Voorhees deputy mayor involved in 2nd bar incident

By David Wildstein, October 02 2018 10:22 pm

Voorhees Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz was involved in another bar incident in January, according to an incident report filed with the local police department.

A little after midnight on January 10, 2018, Voorhees police responded to a call about a verbal argument and physical altercation at an Applebee’s. Three men — Vaneet Chopra, Manish Chopra, and Rajesh Khullar — who were reportedly engaged in an argument with each other.

The Applebee’s manager, Brian Steen, told police that Chopra, Chopra and Khullar were arguing and he asked them to quiet down.

Steen says Ravitz intervened and made things worse by his language, and says that outside the restaurant he observed a shoving match.

A witness to the event, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, disputed the accuracy of Steen’s take.

Steen was not immediately available for comment at 8:02 PM.

One of the responding police officers, Sgt. Anthony Russo, recognized Ravitz and detected the odor of alcohol on his breath and said his speech was slurred. Russo offered to give Ravitz a ride home, but he declined and walked.

“He stated he did not feel comfortable talking with my body worn camera on,” Russo wrote in his report. “I advised him it was mandatory for it to be on.”

Russo says that Ravitz made one comment to him as he locked his car door and headed home.

“I don’t know why you guys have in for me,” Russo says the deputy mayor told him. “I do everything for you.”

Ravitz, a Democrat who is seeking re-election in November, was involved in another bar fight in August 2017.

No charges were filed against the deputy mayor in either incident.

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