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Thomas says ambitious Grewal targeted him because of Fulop ties

Outgoing Jersey City school board president says AG is pursuing gubernatorial ambitions

By David Wildstein, December 19 2019 8:20 pm

Sudhan Thomas says he’s not guilty of allegations that he took a $35,000 in cash bribes from a cooperating witness, alleging that the Attorney General has targeted him because of his grudge against Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

“This Attorney General does not like the Mayor of Jersey City,” Thomas said in a statement released this evening.  “Gurbir (Grewal) was forced to acknowledge that the terrorist attacks on Jersey City targeted the Jewish Community after our Mayor came out in front to acknowledge the 12/10 attacks as terrorist attacks targeting the Jewish Community which I seconded.”

Thomas, who lost his bid for re-election to the Jersey City Board of Education last month, also claims that the attorney general targeted him because he sued the Murphy administration for additional school funding, “which we undertook against all odds and threats not to undertake.”

“They additionally want to make me an example because I dared to go after former Democratic Governor McGreevey and expose over $15 Million in public funds that McGreevey misappropriated which they have been to evidenced with but are sitting on sans action,” Thomas said.

He claims that Grewal refused to investigate McGreevey “while creating a pre-Christmas/Holiday  news splash to divert the citizens of NJ from the modern day gestapo style operation they run unmindful of civil liberties of citizens  and state and federal law.”

“I am not guilty and will be vigorously fighting the charges not just to prove my innocence but the massive cover up this AG’s office has embarked on in support of his political ambition bankrupt of  every day American Values,” Thomas said.

Thomas alleges that “several officials from within his office, the Democratic Party  and across the state have reached out to us to share with us a litany of the illegal activities carried out by the AG in blind pursuit of his ambition to become the next Governor of New Jersey.”

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