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Cumberland County Freeholder Jack Surrency

Surrency slams party bosses, says he’ll seek re-election off the line

Cumberland freeholder dumped from Democratic ticket

By David Wildstein, February 26 2020 3:53 pm

Cumberland County freeholder Jack Surrency says party bosses dumped him from their ticket because he refused to follow orders and announced that he will seek re-election to a second term running off the organization line.

“I’m my own man, always gonna be my own man, and that’s exactly why the voters of this county placed their trust in me,” Surrency said.  “I will not take orders from an unelected party boss who is lining his pockets with taxpayer dollars via county contracts. Not gonna happen.”

Democrats announced last week that they had replaced Surrency on their ticket with Bruce Cooper, a Millville city commissioner.  Cooper will run with incumbents Carol Musso and George Castellini.

Surrency accused Democrats of “disenfranchising the black community by removing me from the county party line.”

Cooper is also African American, but Surrency called the move “insulting.”

“You can just replace one black man with another black man,” he said.

Surrency centered his attacks on Doug Long, a former freeholder and county chairman.

Cumberland Democrats have endorsed Brigid Callahan Harrison for Congress in the 2nd district.

Another candidate, Amy Kennedy, refused to rule out bracketing with Surrency in the June primary.

Surrency did not immediately respond to a 3:49 PM call seeking comment.

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