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Woodland Park Board of Education candidate Jason Snyder

School board candidate arrested for driving drunk

By David Wildstein, October 26 2019 12:00 pm

Jason Snyder, a professional wrestler who is seeking a seat on the Woodland Park Board of Education, was arrested on drunk driving charges earlier this month, according to a police report obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

Snyder failed a field sobriety test.  An Alcotest Calculator “came back within acceptable tolerance of a BA of 0.14%,” the report said.

According to Police Officer Justin Castro, Snyder initially denied but later admitted that he had been at Joey McBride’s Pub and that he had consumed beer.

Snyder is one of five candidates seeking three school board seats in the November 5 general election.

Snyder declined to answer questions about the incident when contacted on his cell phone at 6:54 PM on Friday.  He said he was heading in to coach his son’s game and would call back the following morning.  He did not, and did not answer an 11:58 AM call on Saturday.

Jason Snyder
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