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Roselle councilman Reginald Atkins

Roselle Democrat seeks municipal chair resignation

Reginald Atkins refused to back Democratic ticket

By David Wildstein, November 08 2019 1:50 pm

A Democratic County Committeeman in Roselle is calling for the resignation of Municipal Chairman Reginald Atkins for refusing to support the local Democratic ticket this year.

In a Facebook post, Atkins said, “I do not and will not condone supporting people that do not have the people at heart.  I’m disappointed that we have no choice that will provide a voice for our people tomorrow and for that I apologize.”

“Chairman Atkins has committed the most egregious act by publicly urging residents of Roselle to not vote for our Democratic municipal slate and publicly bemoaning that the Republicans did not run a slate against our Democratic candidates,” said Anthony Esposito, who represents Ward 2, District 1 on the county committee.  “We are demanding that Chairman Atkins resign his post immediately and let the Roselle Democrats choose a leader who supports our Party, our candidates, and most importantly, the will of Roselle voters.”

Among the Democrats Atkins refused to support was a political rival,  Mayor Christine Dansereau.

Earlier this year, Atkins refused to support Dansereau for re-election and backed another candidate who ran on the organization line.

Running off the line after a court fight to keep the mayor off the ballot, Dansereau defeated candidates backed by Atkins and by Linden Mayor Derek Armstead.

Dansereau received 1,094 votes, beating the 924 earned by Donald Shaw, Atkins’ candidate. Archange Antoine, Armstead’s candidate, got 647 votes.

In 2018, Atkins called on Dansereau to resign from the county committee.

Atkins, who is also a councilman and clergyman, accused the Democratic candidates of supporting a racist strategy.

“Anyone who supports a racist or a racist strategy hurts the direction of Roselle,” said Atkins. “I do not support our local municipal candidates however I do support our Board of Education candidates and the rest of our Column A team.”

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One thought on “Roselle Democrat seeks municipal chair resignation

  1. this atkins guy has to go. Mr Esposito wrote a reasonable letter pointing out to the Union County county Dem chairman as to valid reasons based on Roselle dem chair Atkins posts and statements. It appears also that this mr Atkins is a racist under his demeanor.. The sad part is from my observation as a resident of Union County and also a Democrat, Mr Atkins is in bed with county Dem chair Scutari both in concert with others in creating the corrupted system in Union County for their own personal agendas and not for the Democratic party nor the citizenry of Union County. As a Dem, i am embarrassed as to what our once great party has turned into here in Union County.

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